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Creating Environments that Support Us All
April 29, 2020
Leadership is action, not position.
-Donald H. McGannon

The much-loved book, Caring Spaces, Learning Places, written by Jim Greenman and revised by Mike Lindstrom, helps early childhood professionals critique their physical environments to assess how secure and nurtured children will feel there. The book also contains this statement about the effect of a physical environment on the adults who are part of the program (teachers, administrators, family volunteers):  

“All the dimensions of the environment that are important to children apply to adults as well. Do adults feel safe, secure, and competent? Is their comfort over the course of the day considered? Do adults have some sense of autonomy in relation to the environment? Are they able to adjust time and physical space?”

The Top Ten Preschool
Parenting Problems

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Sharon Lipe · April 29, 2020
Charlotte , NC, United States

Love this magazine with a wealth of updated content

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