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Decision Making in Challenging Times
April 30, 2020
How do we help adults succeed? Just as we would with children: accept everyone where they are.
-Gigi Schweikert

Our friend Margie Carter sent this link to a wonderful article about the importance of early care and education, especially in this challenging time. It would be a great one to share widely: https://www.first5sf.org/29452-2

Another resource we think might help leaders at this moment is the book, Developing People in Early Childhood Organizations. Here’s an excerpt that might be useful during a time when many new decisions must be made:

“Carefully solicit people’s input before decisions are made. Especially among staff who have been together for a long time, leaders need to be intentional about continuing to involve everyone is decision making as much as possible. It can be too easy to fall into the trap of presuming to know how people think, without actually stopping to check. Even if regular staff meetings are not always possible, written surveys to solicit ideas and reactions to proposals can be quite helpful. Leaders need to make it clear that once all input has been carefully considered, staff members need to abide by and support the final decision. People are usually willing to do so if they know their thoughts have been heard.”

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