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Another Video is Here
July 10, 2020
The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.
-John Powell

“Thinking Outside the Box in Challenging Times,” the latest video in the “From Surviving to Thriving” video series from Exchange, Hinge Brokers, Dan Huber (Video Active Productions), and Roger Neugebauer in now available at ExchangePress.com/surviving-to-thriving. Here you’ll find a wealth of innovative ideas to help you creatively weather the storms we are all facing in today’s world. Please share all the videos with your networks and colleagues.

Mike Brown, one of the people interviewed in the video, and author of the book, Idea Magnetswrites: ‘One of the most important things you do as an Idea Magnet is to make sure your team knows that you are willing to be the support person, too. Strong Idea Magnets spend considerable time thinking about how to hand team members the paint brush. When team members take over, they learn, develop and appreciate the importance of serving…As an Idea Magnet, remember: you can’t recognize when one of your team members needs to recharge if you aren’t replenishing your own creativity. That means doing more than superficially taking care of yourself. You need to set the example for your team.’”

And in the book, Developing People, Lilian Katz offers these words of wisdom about how to trust ourselves when we are thinking outside the box:

“All we have at a given moment, in a given situation, is our own best judgment. Throughout our lives, we study and reflect in order to refine that judgment; we talk with colleagues, examine our own efforts – all in order to improve our judgment. In the last analysis, our best judgment is all there is.”

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