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Empowering Conversations
July 17, 2020
The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.
-Margaret Carty

Having conversations about race with staff members or college students is not always easy, but if discussions are held with a collaborative, curious spirit, the experience can be empowering for all. The latest in the Exchange Reflections series, called “Race and Racism,” centers around an article by Kelly Matthews and Ijumaa Jordan. The authors write:

“There are reasons that pressure us not to talk about racism and especially racism in early childhood settings…We are socialized to be quiet on the topic so we do not make people uncomfortable; with this cycle in place, we never learn the skills so that we can talk about race in useful and needed ways.”

All Exchange Reflections now come with a Certificate of Completion that you can fill out individually. We recommend you check with your certifying or state licensing agency to see if these meet requirements in your area, since they vary from state to state. Many places do accept them as of right now.

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Joan White · July 30, 2020
First United Church Nursery School
OakPark, IL, United States


I retired the end of June as Director at First United, but still check my email. Can my membership to Exchange be transferred to the new director and can you change the contact for the wonderful Exchange Every Day to her? Amy Cardin is the new director. Email is acardin.firstunited@gmail.com

Thank you, Joan White

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