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What We’ve Learned from You
September 14, 2020
The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
-Alice Walker

Dear Exchange Community,

Maya Angelou said, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” We may all be feeling a bit powerless during this unprecedented time, but nothing can take away the power we have to feel proud of our work. 

The recent survey we sent has sparked many ideas of how we can best support you. It was clear that circumstances vary widely, depending on what kind of program you are in, and where you live. Offering low-cost or free resources when we can will help some of you who are facing daunting financial challenges.

Many of you reminded us to be smart about taking care of our own staff and not giving too much away. We are looking for creative ways to do that while also serving our field.

Here are a few ideas we have planned:

1.  Offer one free resource each month.

2.  Continue to offer daily and weekly discounts on a wide range of resources.

3. Invest time and energy in adding more Ed.Flicks video content to help professors and program directors meet online training needs.

4. Continue to publish a wide range of books with varying topics and price points.

5. Keep Exchange magazine content relevant to what’s happening in real time.

6. Continue to support the “Reimagining Our Work” initiative.

7.  Continue to offer the “choose your own price” option (see below).

So – to get things kicked off, today we are offering a free article, “Child Care Program Management and Family Engagement Software: What Administrators, Owners and Teachers Have to Say” by Fran Simon and Steven J. Dick

And here’s a FREE webinar on the same topic:
Directors as Fearless Consumers of Software for Program Management, Family Communications, Documentation, and Family Engagement

Presented by: Fran Simon, M.Ed and Steven Dick, Ph.D.
Date: September 23, 2020        Time: 2:00 Eastern Time
Must be present to win a DOOR PRIZE

We are proud to serve a profession that is rising to the challenges and opportunities of these times.

We are with you all the way,
Nancy Rosenow, Exchange Publisher, on behalf of the entire Exchange Team

Start YOUR Subscription to Exchange
The Early Childhood Leaders' Magazine

Use coupon code SUPPORT to get 50% off your Exchange subscription for a very limited time!

Choose your own price: If you are able to order your subscription at the regular price, it really helps us support our staff (thank you!). If your financial circumstances make that too difficult right now, we understand. Use the 50% off. Upcoming issues will be filled with more support and strategies for dealing with today’s crisis and beyond.

Use coupon code SUPPORT at checkout

Offer valid through September 15, 2020 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
This offer exclusive to subscriptions purchased between 9/14/20 and 9/15/20 and cannot be applied to previous purchases.



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Claude Suzette* Endfield · September 14, 2020
FTF RPC Navajo-Apache
Lakeside, AZ, United States

I just renewed my subscription without realizing it had expired/ However, at the bottom of the article there is a coupon for a discount for subscriptions for the 14th and 15th. Is it too late to add this to the renewal I just submitted? Although I do have a small consulting business, due to the COVID-19 I have had no work since March. After retiring from a community college in NE Arizona, I have continued to work with a couple of programs within Tribal Communities. Please consider my request. Thank you. Code: SUPPORT

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