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Bringing In Biophilic Design
November 10, 2020
In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.
-Alice Walker

Sandra Duncan and Jody Martin, in their book, Bringing the Outside In provide suggestions for effective ways todecrease the overabundance of plastic classroom materials by adding the textures and beauty of nature.

For example, they write:

“Gradually add natural elements to your block center so children are not overwhelmed with excitement, end up dumping more than they build, or use materials in inappropriate ways. Add one or two new natural items each week so children are given the chance to incorporate these new elements into their building…

Children’s vocabulary increases with the addition of new and unique construction materials; cognitive problem-solving skills as well as gross motor skills are also challenged.”

To learn more about adding natural elements to children’s learning environments, register for the live online session “Creating Spaces with Nature and for Children,” presented by Sandra Duncan on Monday, November 16. She will share practical, beautiful, and creative ways to work with biophilic design principles.

Learn more and register.

Bringing the Outside In

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Bringing the Outside In offers nature-based experiences to encourage educators and young children to bring the natural world into the early childhood classroom. Each hands-on, open-ended, and sensory-oriented experience is designed to spark discovery and imagination; encourage conversations and collaborations; and allow young children to develop a sense of wonder and get to know the natural world.

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