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Courageous Leaders Speak
November 24, 2020
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
-Anais Nin

Courageous Leadership,” the newest Exchange Essentials article collection contains words of wisdom from many thought-leaders in our field. Here is a small sampling.

From Rachel Robertson:

“Courage is fiercely holding on to hope, resilience and gratitude. During a crisis, especially one lived in a 24-hour news cycle, it is hard not to succumb to fear and a dismal outlook. But, a courageous leader looks past that, digs deep into their resilience reserves, and focuses on all there is to be grateful for.”

From Ellen Drolette:

“Joyfulness is important. Young children need and deserve joyful connections and ongoing relationships with loving adults. They will not receive it when there is negativity in the workplace or low morale. Children who experience adverse childhood experiences like trauma through neglect and abuse, poverty, illness or natural disaster…deserve to come to a safe, joyful, playful, optimistic place to spend their time. It may be the only time that they have this experience.”

From Valora Washington and Brenda Gadson:

“For the field of early childhood education, change is not optional. The question is not whether we change…The question is how we best prepare to be architects of that change rather than passive recipients of it.”

From Constant Hine and Robin Levy:

“Transformational leadership creates significant change in people and organizations. It influences perceptions and values and it impacts employee or follower motivation and expectations in a positive way. Today more than ever, the early care and education field needs transformational leaders to facilitate organizations, systems, and individuals within our workforce as we navigate unprecedented amounts of stress.”

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