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Engineering in the Early Years
December 2, 2020
The true method of knowledge is experiment.
-William Blake

In the NAEYC online article, “Ten Things Children Learn from Block Play,” author Derry Koralek quotes Karen Nemeth as saying, “Blocks offer many ways for young dual language learners to explore, express themselves, and demonstrate what they are learning across languages.”

Sally Cartwright, in an Exchange Essentials article collection, “Block Play,” writes: “In good early childhood settings, unit blocks help to build child-initiated, cooperative learning. And such learning helps to build the roots of democracy:

Five four year olds in our nursery classroom are building in the unit block area. As teacher, I sit nearby watching, taking notes. My interest supports the children. Our little school is in a fishing village, and many of the fathers turn to the sea for their livelihood. Travis and Noah have outlined a harbor with blocks. Todd wants to connect his public works garage to Sam's store across the harbor by the road...Emily insists that Todd build the road to the main door and the emergency entrance of her hospital. Todd is reluctant, but others say how important both entries are. Sam gets more blocks for Todd. Travis builds a wharf on the harbor near Noah's lobster boat and tells him, ‘You sell your lobsters to me. I'll take 'em in my truck to the store.’ ‘And bring some to the hospital,’ chimes in Emily.”

On Thursday, December 10, Dimensions Foundation Education Specialists Heather Fox, Kirsten Haugen and Tina Reeble will offer a new research-based online workshop, "Engineering in the Early Years: Learning and Communicating through Blocks, Natural Materials and More."

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