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Motivating Ideas
March 2, 2021
Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
-Babe Ruth
The Exchange Essentials article collection, “Motivate Your Staff,” includes ideas for inspiring staff that were contributed by many Exchange readers. This one was from Patti Buehler, The Growing Tree Child Care Center, Whitehall, Pennsylvania:

“In a central location for staff we post a piece of paper with the title of 'Kudos to You”...This is for any staff or director to write something positive about other staff to give recognition for anything seen, heard, or done that other staff noticed, liked, appreciated, etc. Sometimes the page is filled up quickly with comments from and for our 30 staff. We take it down and put up a new paper when that one is full. As director, I will then cut the comments apart and file each one into their personnel file. These are nice to have to refer to when doing evaluations. They can also be made into a little book to give to each staff member on Teacher Appreciation Week.”

Another way to help people stay motivated is to offer chances to attend professional conferences. Exchange Press is a sponsor for two conferences happening in March:

• The 40th Annual ASCD Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Conference presented in partnership with Illinois ASCD, March 4 and 5.

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