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An Opportunity to Reimagine Our Work
May 6, 2021
No matter how you say it, the hill we climb is a hill we climb together…I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: I truly believe we can raise this wounded world into a wondrous one, and I am here for the climb.
-Poet, Amanda Gorman
An article on the EdSurge website discusses how the new interest in early childhood education because of the pandemic makes this the perfect time to encourage “radical” change in the profession:

“Families, fellow educators and the general public have begun to see just how integral child care professionals are to a smoothly functioning economy, says Ashley LiBetti, associate partner of policy and evaluation at Bellwether Education Partners, a national nonprofit that aims to improve outcomes for underserved children. Many people, LiBetti notes, are realizing that the existence of early childhood education programs almost single-handedly allows mothers of young children to participate in the workforce.
‘The pandemic catalyzed this previously unmatched level of attention on early care and education,’ LiBetti says, adding that ‘the potential for aspirational change to early educator preparation is possible right now.’
But it’s more than just the pandemic that has made this a ‘prime moment’ for the field, says Cody Kornack, director of government affairs for the National Head Start Association (NHSA). As the country grapples with its long and enduring history of racism, early childhood educators—about 40 percent of whom are women of color—are well-positioned both to support young children who have experienced trauma from systemic racism as well as to expose children to anti-racist ideas and education at a young age.”

In their best-selling book, From Teaching to Thinking, Ann Pelo and Margie Carter explore a “pedagogy for reimagining our work.” They write about possibilities:

“Pedagogy offers an invitation to walk with children, fully present and engaged, not relying on activity books or pre-determined curriculum to shape our days, but drawing on our own insight, self-awareness, critical thinking, and innovation. Drawing on our capacity to be thinkers alongside the children.”

Want to join a conversation-for-action about re-imagining our work, alongside a diverse group of early childhood professionals from many settings? Learn more about The Reimagining Our Work (ROW) Initiative.

From Teaching to Thinking

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From Teaching to Thinking offers a passionate and thought-provoking alternative to standardized, scripted curriculum, giving educators support and encouragement to reimagine the beauty and wonder of what education could be.

Naturally, children are eager for connective relationships, they are curious, they are thinkers. This foundational text is a pedagogical companion for educators that strengthens their own development as thinkers, researchers, innovators, and constructors of knowledge so that they can pass on this way of being to the children in their care.

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