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Celebrating the Care in Early Care and Education
May 10, 2021
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
Dear Exchange Community,

Thank you to so many who shared your thoughts about President Joe Biden’s address to Congress where he talked about the importance of the early childhood field. Your comments reaffirmed my belief that the majority of early childhood professionals are committed, caring people, with children’s best interests at the heart of their work. So many of you addressed the issue of what our work should be called – childcare, early care and education, early child development, preschool. (Most of you did not want it to be called daycare.)

It’s interesting that Exchange Press has just published a new book, Illuminating Care: The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in Early Childhood Communities, where author Carol Garboden Murray explores caregiving as a vital component of education and child development. Carol discusses the concept of care as an essential building block of human community and society. Indeed, she makes the point that in the early years, care and education cannot be separated. Care is education, she says, explaining that celebrating a culture of caring and considering care as a part of reflective practice elevates the experience of teaching in the early years.

I’ve been reflecting so much on Carol’s important concepts. It occurs to me that we, who bring the elegantly linked gifts of care and education to children, have a responsibility to celebrate, with pride, the entirety of our work, and to help others really understand what we do.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Please share your thoughts, in the comments, about how we name what we do. And how do you feel about the concept of elevating and celebrating care?

As always, we are so grateful to be a part of such an important field.


Nancy Rosenow,
Exchange Publisher,
on behalf of our entire Exchange team

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Illuminating Care: The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in Early Childhood Communities is a powerful exploration of caregiving as a vital component of education and child development and a crucial building block of human community and society.

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Comments (9)

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Julie Bookwalter · May 11, 2021
UCI Extended Day Center
Irvine, California, United States

I was disheartened when I heard Joe Biden (who I am a staunch supporter of) refer to early care and education as "daycare." As the director of a child care center and an adjunct faculty member teaching future early care and education professionals, I often talk about the way that we label our profession. WORDS MATTER. We are not providing care to a DAY but to a child, just as we are not teaching a SCHOOL, we are teaching children (I dislike the term "schoolteacher" for the same reason as "daycare"). We can be our own worst enemies in this field by not standing up for ourselves, making sure that we are college-educated, and continuing to stay current in the field. The way that we will elevate our profession is by educating ourselves so that we can educate parents, lawmakers, and the community about the importance of the work that we do. I am grateful to Exchange for providing a platform for this type of discussion, which is sorely needed during this time.

Sarker Javed Iqbal · May 10, 2021
Self employed
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I would like to name this 'Early learning support'.

Nancy Rosenow · May 10, 2021
United States

Thanks to all for your thoughtful comments. And Chris, I so appreciate your kind words for me. I absolutely remember you and have been following and admiring your great work!

Tiffany Peckham · May 10, 2021
Lincoln, NE, United States

Pearl, Thank you for the comment and work you've done in ECE!

Whirled Peas, love the name :). Thank you for the comment. You are right, the language is new to a lot of people. It will take time to change that but very glad we are getting recognition!

Robin, yes they do! thank you.

Amy, yes! The foundation we build is so important.

Christine, I will not speak for Nancy but I cannot agree with you more :). As someone who gets to work with Nancy, that kind of leadership and care has gotten so many of us through this pandemic. What a great reminder for all of us to celebrate ourselves more.

-Tiffany at Exchange Press

Pearl L. Waxman · May 10, 2021
Retired Early Childhood Professional
Cliffside Park, New Jersey, United States

I am now retired from a field that all of us cherish--early childhood education. Over the past few months, I have been submitting Letters to the Editor of the NY Times about the problem of the all-too-low salaries of child care center staff. None of which have reached publication. So I was extremely glad when that newspaper finally published an article that addressed this important issue. Also Elisabeth Warren mentioned the salaries of child care center staff We're getting there--hopefully.

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