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True Equity in ECE
July 6, 2021
Kindness, in its broadest sense, is the universal remedy – first, for the individual, for we can be well only if we are able to care for ourselves, to love ourselves. And then for all of us, because if we have better relationships, we feel and do better.
-Piero Ferrucci, from his book, The Power of Kindness

In her beautiful new book, Illuminating CareCarol Garboden Murray makes this important statement:

“Almost always in the past, educational equity has been framed by looking forward – getting ready for kindergarten or college or the workplace – but when we illuminate care as a pedagogy, we recognize that educational equity is not about future graduation rates, it is about the here and now. True equity starts when we create culturally relevant caring settings where each child belongs.”

Illuminating Care:
The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in
Early Childhood Communities

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Illuminating Care: The Pedagogy and Practice of Care in Early Childhood Communities is a powerful exploration of caregiving as a vital component of education and child development and a crucial building block of human community and society.

Carol Garboden Murray meaningfully invites educators, parents and caregivers to experience the essential strength and value of their care for young children, the artistry and integrity of it, in the routines of daily life.

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Tiffany Peckham · July 07, 2021
Lincoln, Nebraska, Australia

H. Hauck, thank you for your comment.

-Tiffany at Exchange

H. Hauck · July 06, 2021
Project REACH
Columbia, Mo, United States

The writer of this piece does not understand the difference between equity and equality. Equality means that we each have the same opportunity to make of it what we can. It is very important that we each have open-ended opportunity and support in our early experiences in life to see what we can do with it. Equity implies a similar outcome, which is a horrible notion. Equity is horrible, because the only way to bring equity is to take from some who exceed to give to some who will not likely exceed, or to hold some back from excelling in the name of fairness. Equity is not a good goal in ECE.

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