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Better Staff Meetings
October 13, 2021
If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.
-Henry Ford (1863 – 1947), Founder of Ford Motor Company

"As we plan our faculty meetings, it’s important that we design these gatherings with as much care and intention as we design lessons in classrooms,” write Katie Novak and Mike Woodlock on the Edutopia website.

"Elevate social and emotional learning. The past year and a half has been disruptive, to say the least…As you plan every meeting, be sure that you carve out time for mindfulness and reflection and for connection, and that you offer opportunities to hear concerns. If we embrace social and emotional learning, we have to predict that we will have colleagues who are frustrated, overwhelmed, and drained, and we have to design our meetings with that in mind…

Lighten up meeting structures: use chat alerts, play music, share funny memes, serve delicious snacks, invite therapy dogs, and periodically schedule time to truly listen."

In her helpful toolkit “Engaging Adult Learners Using Multiple Intelligences Online,” Constant Hine offers ideas for leading successful meetings online by applying Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. She believes “an audience’s interaction with content is actually more important than the presentation of the content.”

Engaging Adult Learners Using Multiple Intelligences

Enjoy a toolkit of adult education instructional strategies that will help you adapt and transform your staff trainings.

As a support to you, purchase Engaging Adult Learners Using Multiple Intelligences by Constant Hine on CD, and get $20 off.
Use code LEARN when prompted.

Offer expires October 14, 2021, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
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Tiffany Peckham · October 13, 2021
Lincoln, NE, United States

Hi Diana!

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed looking at your website!

-Tiffany at Exchange

Diana Suskind · October 13, 2021
Stonework Play
Leominster, MA, United States

Your ideas were clever, fun and worthwhile. I recommend an additional idea and that is to do Stonework Play…Stoneworkplay.com I have done it with new staff, and staff before they do it with children. Kodak and Staples employees came together to work on a new project. They did Stonework Play first and they got to hear each other stories. The trust level went up. I know of an architect who did it with his team before starting the project. I recommend stonework Play highly. Creator, Diana

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