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A Poem about Caregiving
December 20, 2021
Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr., author

Julia Koumbassa, Director of the North Campus Children’s Center and Practitioner Institute at the University of Michigan sent us this message recently:

“I wanted to share this poem with you.

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at parts of the book Illuminating Care together in our Dialogue Groups at our center. One of our infant teachers, Sandra Brown, wrote this poem in response to her reflections on care.

She gave me permission to share in case you might want to use it in ExchangeEveryday.”

We do indeed want to use it, and thank Sandra for her contribution. Here it is:

                     A Caregiver’s Touch

Dear child I care for, you are impressed in my heart,
I honor your abilities right from the start.
I listen to your every need
When I talk with you, sing to you or sit to read.
A lack of energy does not exist,
Through our connections, routines and daily shifts.
I receive you with joy when we meet everyday
As I hold you, rock you and down you lay.
The touch of my hands reveals my care
As tender moments we often share.
A sense of contentment comes over me
When our time together has empowered you to be.
To be a child that is celebrated for who you are
From the hands of a caregiver that open a jar,
A jar that is filled with joy, hope and love
Twinkling and sparkling like the stars above.
This is you dear child…in every way
This truth of my care for you will never sway!

- Sandra Brown

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Comments (4)

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Exchange Press · December 21, 2021
United States

Margie and Lamonte, I'm glad you love the poem!

-Tiffany on behalf of Exchange Press

Mrs. Guna Bibileishvili · December 20, 2021
Child, Family, Society
Tbilisi, Georgia

I am PhD student in educational silences. My research interests lie primarily in the area of early childhood development and education. Beside this I am executive director of NGO implementing ECD program. So, following best practices is really important for me

Margie Powell · December 20, 2021
S.P.A.R.K. Childhood Teaching
GERMANTOWN, MD, United States

Dear Ms. Brown,

Your poem is magnificent!! Thank you for expressing such heartfelt love. We need more educators, caregivers, and loving adults like you! Thank you for the work you do to reach and connect with so many people!


Margie Powell
Early Childhood Teacher and Professional Development Trainer

LAMONTE E BLADES · December 20, 2021
Retired From MATC
Milwaukee, WI, United States

I absolutely Love the Poem shared by Sandra Brown.

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