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Science through Play and Wonder
May 25, 2022
Play is the system we have evolved to facilitate the development of higher intelligence.
-Nathan Wallice, Neuroscience Educator

"Much of science learning takes place informally during everyday routines, including playing with blocks, listening to sounds, taking care of personal hygiene, observing plants, caring for pets, and preparing food. When children play, they engage in scientific thinking, because children observe, explore, predict, classify, identify, and interpret," write Cathy Meredith and Satomi Izumi-Taylor, in one of eight articles included in the newest Exchange Essentials collection: "Science Learning in the Early Years."

In another article in the collection, Kelly K. Twibell and Diane Harkins quote Conezio and French (2002) as they shine light on the adult’s role in early science learning:
"'Real science begins with childhood curiosity, which leads to discovery and exploration with teachers' help and encouragement… Young children, like scientists, need to practice the process skills of predicting, observing, classifying, hypothesizing, experimenting, and communicating.' Our role then is to plan and prepare for such scientific inquiry; place less emphasis on the facts and more emphasis on wonder."

New Exchange Essentials

Science Learning in the Early Years

Stories connect us to one another, fostering positive interactions that integrate speaking, listening, sharing books, telling stories, singing songs, developing identity, and learning to draw and write. Stories play a critical role in the early literacy development. This collection of Exchange articles is designed to help teachers reflect on and build a strong foundation for supporting literacy development.


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