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Turning Great Ideas into Dogma
July 1, 2002

"The purpose of play is to go out and be happy...to lay down cares and have fun for a while." —William Dorn


One of my favorite authors, Seattle's own Tom Robbins, offers this insight on ideas in his bestseller, Still Life with Woodpecker...

"...ideas are definitely unstable, they not only can be misused, they invite misuse--and the better the idea the more volatile it is. That's because only the better ideas turn into dogma, and it is this process whereby a fresh, stimulating, humanly helpful idea is changed into robot dogma that is deadly...The problem starts at the secondary level, not with the originator or developer of the idea but with the people who are attracted by it, who cling to it until their last nail breaks, and who invariably lack the overview, flexibility, imagination, and, most importantly, sense of humor, to maintain it in the spirit in which it was hatched. Ideas are made by masters, dogma by disciples, and the Buddha is always killed on the road."

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