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The Power of Positive Thinking
August 2, 2002
Learning starts with failure; the first failure is the beginning of education.
-John Hersey

The June 2002 issue of Work & Family Life (workfam@aol.com), contained this story on positive thinking....

"Edward McAuley, Ph.D., a kinesiology professor at the University of Illinois, asked 46 nonathletic female students to ride stationary bikes for about eight minutes. Then he told half of the group that their cardiovascular response was lower than their classmates (suggesting they were in better shape) and told the other half just the opposite. Next, he asked the women to climb a Stairmaster for 20 minutes.

"Those who believed they were in worse shape reported being more tired than those who thought they were more fit. The coeds who thought they were in better shape also reported less fatigue and a greater sense of well-being.

"Dr. McAuley concluded that people who feel 'in control of their workouts' are more likely to ignore physical feelings of fatigue. So simply believing that your workout is helping you apparently goes a long way toward actually making it so."


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