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New Mentoring Guide From Catalyst

"Be amusing; never tell unkind stories; above all, never tell long ones." —Benjamin Disraeli


Sheila Wellington, President of Catalyst and the author of Be Your Own Mentor, knows that mentoring is critical to career advancement. She explains: "Mentors help employees maximize their potential by giving them valuable career advice, offering insights about the work environment, and exposing mentees to influential employee networks." A recent Catalyst study of women of color managers reveals that the presence and number of mentors are related to upward movement. However, not everyone has equal access to mentors. To help organizations foster mentoring, Catalyst has revised its best selling guide to mentoring. Creating Successful Mentoring Programs: A Catalyst Guide (; $60), provides action steps and best practices that illustrate how to complete upfront and comprehensive planning, establish objectives, commit resources, choose the right participants, encourage realistic expectations, and ensure success.

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