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It's Serious Business, But...

"If you would rule the world, keep it amused." —Ralph Waldo Emerson


In the Exchange book, On Being a Leader, I made the following observation...

"Running a child care center is a grave responsibility. It takes a lot of hard work to make a center succeed and, if it doesn't succeed, a lot of children, parents, and staff will pay the consequences. That's why it is important that everyone involved take their work very seriously. 

"However, you can't remain deadly serious all the time and still maintain a sense of excitement about your work. When everything seems to be falling apart, you need a sense of humor to keep things in perspective, to fight off a mood of resignation.

"One thing I have noticed in the really top notch centers I have visited is that staff members truly enjoy their work. Not only are they crafting a stimulating and nurturing environment for children, but they are having a great time in the process. These staff members enjoy working with each other, interacting with parents, and razzing the director.

"The director is the one who sets the tone. If a center is going to be successful, the director needs to keep staff focused on results with her sense of purpose, and she needs to instill staff with joy and spirit with her sense of humor."

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