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A Look at Early Childhood Issues Worldwide

"We don't get offered crises, they arrive." —Elizabeth Janeway


In the World Forum section of our web site,, you can access over 30 speeches presented at the past two World Forums in Athens and Auckland. Topics addressed include...

Linking Theories of Child Development to Child -Rearing Practices: A Trans-Cultural Perspective on Early Education and Culture by Olasumbo S. Apanpa Ph.D (Nigeria)

The Juggling Game: Beginning directors' stories of becoming leaders by Rhonda Forrest (Australia)

An Experimental Study on Preschool Teachers' Awareness About Turkish Children's Readiness for Learning to Read: A Suggested Programme by Ebru Aktan Kerem, Ph.D. (Turkey)

Guidelines for Helping Children Deal with Violence by Diane Levin, Ph.D. (USA)

Early Literacy with Pacific Island Children in ECE Services by Juliana Malaealu (Fiji)

Childcare from a Zimbabwean Perspective: Comparisons and Contrasts by Jane Nkomo (Zimbabwe)

Children Affected and Infected by HIV/AIDS in Africa: A Joint Initiative of the ECDNA
by Barnabas Otaala, Ed.D. (Namibia)

Children in Detention - An Australian issue
by Judy Radich (Australia)

Te Whaariki the New Zealand Curriculum Framework by Jilly Tyler (New Zealand)

Accreditation and Quality for the Children of 2010 by Lily Wong, Ed.D. (Singapore)

Dreams for Children of the World by Dina Aidzhanova (Kazakhstan)

The Impact of Violence on the Children of Israel by Dr. Alan Cohen (Israel)

The Impact of Violence on the Children of Northern Ireland by Siobhan Fitzpatrick (Northern Ireland)

Improving Health and Nutrition of Under-Threes: Window of Opportunity for Enriched Childhood by Joseph M. Hunt (Philippines)

Financing Child Care Programs in the West Indies by Rosamunde Renard (St. Lucia)

The Impact of Violence on the Children of Palestine by Dr. Ali Nashat Shar (Palestine)

Effects of Television on Young Children’s Behavior in Nepal by Dr. Kishor Shrestha (Nepal)

Early Childhood in Sweden by Yvonne Söderlund, Ulrica Ericson, and Yvonne Holmgren (Sweden)

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