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Dragon Mom

We all know it isn't human to be perfect, and too many of us take advantage of it.

In her book, Dragon Mom: Confessions of a Child Development Expert, Janet Gonzalez-Mena addresses her challenge of being a child development expert and a real parent, about the gap between what society expects from the perfect parent and what can happen in the real world.  In the book she talks about the first emergence of Janet, the Dragon Mom:

"I was new to my parenting career.  The dragon was unknown to me.  So far, parenting had been entirely positive.  I felt nothing but love in my heart for this precious new child of mine.  I certainly didn't feel anger,  I remember thinking this was the happiest time in my life.

"You can imagine how surprised I felt to find myself in the living room of our small apartment screaming, "Shut up!" in the direction of the bedroom where my baby was crying.  I swear those words just came out of my mouth on their own.

"I had been a 'good mother' up until then — all three weeks of his life.  My baby had responded by behaving like a 'good baby.'  But not this time.  I had done everything right.  I had changed, fed, burped, rocked, and cuddled him.  He just wouldn't stop crying.

"That moment of frustration brought ugly, unmotherly words out of my mouth.  When I heard them, I was nearly crushed by the overpowering weight of tons of guilt crashing down on me....

"I don't remember what happened next, but I'm willing to bet that I went right in and smothered that poor baby in marshmallow ooze.  I don't know if my sugary glop stopped the crying or not, but I probably felt better.  That was the real beginning of my parenting career."

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