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"Stand up. Look 'em in the eye , and tell 'em what you know." —Dan Rather, quoting his mother's advice


Karen Stephens has recommended for your consideration, Storytelling for Grantseekers: The Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising, by Cheryl A. Clarke. Grantwriters, it turns out, have plenty in common with fiction and nonfiction storytellers. Like these other writers, says Clarke, grantseekers need to be able "to transport readers to another location and teach them about people they may know nothing about." Grantwriting is often a tedious experience. Make it creative, says Clarke. To better capture the imagination (and wallet) of your audience, observe your agency in action as would a reporter, then craft what you see into a narrative, as would a novelist. Your nonprofit agency is your hero; your story is about "people being helped, and their lives possibly being changed forever" because of the services provided by your agency. This is a passionate, clear, knowledgeable guidebook, sure to "put the joy and creativity back into the grantseeking process."

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