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"This is the best-to laugh with someone because you both think the same things are funny." —Gloria Vanderbilt


A number of Canadian employers are offering some unique benefits to make employees want to stay, and it's working. Work & Family Newsbrief (May 2002) reports that Intuit Canada has made it possible for employees to take a nap after a tough workout. The company has three sleep rooms as well as a gymnasium and a game room with a fireplace and a big screen TV. As a result, employee turnover is just 3% in an industry where 20% is the standard. BioWare, maker of video games, starts each day with an impressive continental breakfast spread, allows employees to work out free at any city fitness center, and offers a well-appointed game room. One of Canada's largest employers, the utility company EPCOR, believes in career development and pays for courses including getting a university degree. EPCOR has a turnover rate of 5% and is such a popular employer that it won't take unsolicited resumes.

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