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Hanging Around Time

Teaching is the highest form of understanding.

“In this rapidly changing, wireless, multi-tasking, digital world, the most precious and scarce resource is time. In particular, time for people to attend to each other. Undivided attention is rarer than gold – what Ellen Galinsky calls focused time," explains the book, Caring Spaces, Learning Placesoriginally written by Jim Greenman, and revised by Mike Lindstrom.

"When time is scarce, family rituals that are relaxed and participatory disappear – preparing and eating meals, reading together, doing communal chores, planning, and taking day trips and vacations are replaced by commuting rituals on the go – commuting to child care, soccer, and fast food. What the children in Galinsky’s surveys most wanted for the family, namely, 'hang-around time,' is the most difficult to achieve."

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