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Leading from the Heart

So what do I mean by the phrase, ‘heart-centered teaching inspired by nature?’ I’m talking about a way of supporting children that comes from a place of love for each other and a place of awe and appreciation for the wonders of the world around us.
Nancy Rosenow, from the book, Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature

“For many years, leaders were taught never to appear too emotional,” writes Nancy Rosenow in the book, Art of Leadership: Leading Early Childhood Organizations. “In the past, administrators were often judged as too weak if they ever discussed concepts as ‘squishy’ as leading in a heart-centered way. Recently, though, this misunderstanding has been turned on its head, as more and more has been written about the need to enlist both head and heart in service to effective leadership…

A few years ago when I wrote a book about heart-centered teaching, a number of educators contacted me to say I’d touched on a subject they’d been afraid to talk about too openly. Many told me they longed for more heart-centered relationships among fellow staff members and with their students, but worried they would be judged harshly if they ever expressed those sentiments. I’d like to think we’ve now moved into a new era of understanding where no one need apologize ever again for valuing heart-centeredness as a crucial and strong component of effective teaching and leading.”

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