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Children, Nature, Resilience

We can help our kids realize that butterflies are better than batteries.
Mark Hovater

Los Angeles Unified School District has made a commitment to bringing natural outdoor classrooms to its early education centers. Here’s a video they created about the wonderful initiative.

Using the Power of Nature to Help Children Heal” is the name of an Out of the Box Training Kit, but it’s actually meant for supporting all children, not just ones who have experienced trauma. Something all educators must realize is that every child who is living through a time of pandemic can benefit from the power of nature to increase their resilience. Vicki Bohling-Philippi, whose article forms the basis of the Kit, wrote:

“One of the great gifts we can give children through their frequent interactions with nature is a sense that they are connected to something larger than themselves.”

And in a New York Times article, “Plant a Love of Nature in Your Kids,” 
Michelle Nijhuis wrote, “Parents are besieged with advice on reducing screen time and encouraging outdoor play, and extended time outside has many benefits…While wonder can’t be scripted, parents can encourage kids to ‘stop and look’ when outdoors, no matter the location.”


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