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Building an Anti-Bias Classroom Culture

You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right.
Rosa Parks

On the National Association for the Education of Young Children website, an article called Becoming Upended: Teaching and Learning about Race and Racism with Young Children and Their Families explains that:

“Research demonstrates that children’s awareness of racial differences and the impact of racism begins quite early…As such parents and teachers have an obligation to teach and learn with children about these critical and complex issues.”

The newest Exchange ReflectionsAnti-Bias Classroom Culture,” is based on an article written collaboratively by four white teachers who explored what they could do to build a classroom culture that would support anti-bias education. As one of the authors, Edie Hillard wrote, “As a white woman who was raised in a predominately white area, I reflect constantly. I have had to do a lot of soul searching.” She explains how the teachers have recognized the limitations they face when leading a diverse class, and describes their determination to address them.

The Exchange Reflections encourages individuals or groups of people to consider how each person’s background and life experiences can be used to help build an anti-bias classroom culture. This Reflections provides supportive ideas and much food-for-thought on this important topic.

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