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Positive Social Justice Messages

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Exchange Community,

Exchange Press made an increased commitment to Ed.Flicks content when the pandemic hit because many of you were asking for more of these kinds of online video resources. We continue to add new videos based on your most requested topics.

A new series of videos on social justice are being added to Ed.Flicks over the next few weeks. In two new recently added ones, “The Moment for Social Justice is Now,” and “The Changing World of Childhood,” Dr. Calvin E. Moore, Jr., CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition makes this statement: “Why now? Because we have to be able to meet the moment, and we have to use it in a variety of ways, not just to have deep conversations, but to change policies and impact the field in a deep way.”
And Valora Washington, President and CEO of The CAYL Institute, says: “So Martin Luther King said the arc bends toward justice and I believe that and I believe in being that optimistic leader, being that optimistic teacher because I do believe the arc does bends toward justice.”

Thank you for your part in making that happen!

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