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Refreshing Our Practice; Questioning Assumptions

The goal is to create the world that you want to see.
Luis Alfaro, performance artist, writer

The newest Exchange Reflections, “Refreshing Our Practice: Questioning Assumptions about Teaching and Learning,” based on an article by Pam Oken-Wright, invites all early care and education practitioners to reflect on ways to rejuvenate ourselves and our work. One way is to consider new learnings, new ideas. Are we still doing some things because “that’s the way we’ve always done them” and not because they still seem best? What new ideas would we like to incorporate into our practice?

Preparing for a new calendar year offers an opportunity to thoughtfully decide what still works well for ourselves and/or our team, and what we would like to consider anew. This Reflections would also work well in a college course or a professional association meeting as the questions and ideas guide deep consideration of what is most important in the work of early care and education. Oken-Wright offers us this invitation:

“This has been a crazy and challenging few years. ‘Crazy and challenging’ invite innovation. Let’s seize this opportunity, put aside our old assumptions, and reimagine what education can be.”

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