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How Does Your Signage Rate?

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Sarah and Bob Boschi operated excellent child care centers in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. In addition, they also mentored many other child care providers by sharing freely of their time and their ideas. They also shared their ideas freely with the readers of Child Care Information Exchange. In an article they wrote for our February 1989 issue, "How to Boost Your Center's Enrollment," they offered the following insights on signage:

"Your center's sign is an important marketing tool. Ideally it should be two-sided and located perpendicular to the street so that it can be read from approaching cars. The signs we liked best were made of wood with lettering routed in -- this made for a homey, tasteful look. We tried some lighted signs, but we never liked them -- they looked too commercial. On our signs we put our name, our logo, the phrase "Educational Child Care," the ages of children served, and our phone number."

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