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Encouraging Children to Want to Write
October 1, 2020
You can make anything by writing.
-C.S. Lewis

During a difficult time in human history, Anne Frank wrote: “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Helping children learn how to write, while also inspiring them to want to write, is a gift early educators can give that will last a lifetime. It takes intention to craft the kind of writing environment that concurrently instructs and motivates.

In her popular new book, A Young Writer’s World, Rebecca Giles encourages a thoughtful approach to early literacy learning. She explains how working carefully with children’s interest in forming letters, without moving into formal handwriting instruction too quickly, can keep motivation high:

“When children do show an interest in writing and begin to make letter-like shapes, allow them to experiment  with how letters are formed to gain confidence in expressing themselves with print…Instead of forcing a child into a tripod grasp, intentionally embed increased fine motor development activities into the daily routine so there is further opportunity to develop the muscles in their hands…

Formal writing instruction such as repetitive tracing or forming letters is not needed since handwriting is best practiced within the context of real writing experiences.”

A Young Writer's World
Creating Early Childhood Classrooms
Where Authors Abound

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Developing young writers takes energy and creativity, wisdom and strategy, intention and reflection. All are provided here, in abundance. This book is a tool and a resource written by someone who knows the terrain deeply and treats it with reverence.

A Young Writer's World invites you to celebrate and explore the world of words with your young ones – seeing letters and words in everyday life, connecting language with play on a daily basis, and entering into the delight of literacy, print, and connection with children as they become readers, speakers, and writers.

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