Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Video-Based

  1. About Turn-Key Online Learning
    Turn-Key Online Learning allows you to watch comprehensive video-based training and earn CEUs from your home computer in your spare time!

    With each course, you learn from the foremost authorities in early childhood education and set your own pace.
  2. What is a course?
    A Turn-Key Online Learning course contains multiple lessons. Each lesson has three components:

    • Videos – The videos can be watched as many times as you like. They include closed captioning.
    • Supplementary Materials – These are downloadable PDF files of reflection questions, extension activities, and/or additional resources. These materials are intended to supplement your learning of the video content.
    • Quiz – The quiz helps you to assess your understanding of the video content. You can also earn CEUs by passing each of the quizzes in the course.
  3. How do I get my CEUs?
    To receive your CEU certificate, you must pass each quiz in the course by answering at least 80% of the questions correctly. You must pass each lesson quiz within the course in order to receive your CEUs. Once you have successfully completed all of the lesson quizzes, you will receive a CEU certificate in the mail from the University of Oklahoma. Please allow 3-5 weeks to receive your certificate.
  4. Will my state accept your CEUs?
    Certification and state licensing requirements for early childhood educators vary significantly. To find out if Exchange CEUs will be accepted for your requirements, we recommend that you contact your certifying or state licensing agency.
  5. Who do I contact with questions about my certificate?
    Contact the University of Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Professional Development at or call (405) 799-6383 or (888) 446-7608. Please be sure to mention that you are asking about an Exchange Turn-Key CEU course.
  6. What is a Certificate of Participation?
    After passing a lesson quiz, you can immediately download a PDF Certificate of Participation. This certificate can be used to verify that you passed the lesson. This certificate is different than your CEU certificate. In order to receive your CEU certificate, you must pass all of the lesson quizzes in the course. Your CEU certificate will then be mailed to you by the University of Oklahoma.