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Issue 242

Page 30
Promoting Anji Play in China
by Joleen Voss-Rodriguez and Cheng Xueqin

Learning Through Play: "Anji Play” (video)

Page 34

Investing in Expertise: How Hiring Consultants Can Help Sustain Quality Management and Pedagogical Practices
by Fran Simon

Early Childhood Investigations Webinars

Page 39

A Conversation with Elsa Chahin

by Victoria Looseleaf

Elsa Chahin at the World Forum 2017 - Nurturing Children in Institutional, Outside Family Care

Page 69

The Lizard Ate My Cricket: Live Action Science for the ECE Classroom

by Sharon Arias and Shareen Abramson

National Geographic short videos studying bugs:

Page 64
When Teaching the Whole Child, Remember Physical Fitness

by Rae Pica

Rae Pica videos for Early Childhood Educators

Page 82
Creating Diverse and Inclusive Learning Environments: Empowering Staff to Tackle Implicit Bias and Rethink Preschool Suspensions

by Ebonyse Mead and Kara Lehnhardt

New Data on Preschoolers Suspensions

Turn-Key Training: Addressing Challenging Behaviors