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The Exchange Leadership Initiative identifies and supports leadership in Early Care and Education. Leadership takes many forms, from people working directly with children in an early care and education or school-age program, to people administering programs or working with support organizations; and from working locally to working in states and provinces, nationally and internationally. Our Exchange Leaders are everywhere, doing powerful work.

What they share are these constants:

  • Passion and a belief that they must and CAN make a difference on behalf of young children and their families or in the field of Early Care and Education.

  • Vision for what needs to happen.

  • Determination and persistence.

  • Knowledge and understanding of what they don't know and a willingness, an eagerness, and curiosity to continue to learn and grow.

  • Belief that together we are stronger.

  • Humility based on recognition that leaders before us have built the mission, passion, and knowledge-base of our field.

  • Pride and the willingness to self-identify as a leader.

The act of applying for this designation is profound.

If you see yourself as a leader, that will change how you think and how you act. Each of us has the capacity to contribute to our field.

Please note that the application must be completed by the applicant. There is no nomination process, but we encourage you to foster the application of individuals who you believe fit the criteria. All applications are reviewed by the Exchange Leadership Initiative Review Team.

The most recent Exchange Leaders were introduced in the July/August 2019 issue of Exchange Magazine.