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September/October 2014 Issue #219

8' Teepee from Pacific Play Tents

This Giant Teepee will fulfill any child's wildest imagination - standing 8 feet tall! The teepee comes without a floor so a child can easily make it their house by adding a table and chairs inside. It has five panels, making it wider at the bottom, providing more room for little ones to play easily. Great fun for all and may be used both indoors and outdoors. The fabric is made out of 100% organic cotton canvas, and comes with hand-finished, varnished, wooden poles. The extra-large opening makes it easy to enter and exit. It also has a mesh window on the back panel for added imaginative play fun. This teepee is not only a blast for kids, but a lifestyle piece that looks great in any room. If space is limited, it closes up for easy storage! We design all of Pacific Play Tents' products with safety first in mind, so imaginations can be explored worry free! For more information:
Building Blocks SC11-570 from SafeSpace Concepts

Children love to be creative and building structures is high on the list. We've had an increasing interest by children's museums ordering all sizes of blocks for individual and group activities. We now feature them as part of the SafeSpace product line. SSC Blocks are made of sturdy, lightweight foam that is solid and retains the shape even if children sit or step on them. Our standard set uses 4"-8"-16"-24" dimensions to permit symmetry in spatial planning of structures. However, we can make any size to fit a customer's requirements. The closed cell foam works equally well indoors and outdoors. For the latter, we use a Naugahyde fabric that is designed for marine environments and does not absorb moisture. To view color options click 'Color Palettes' on our website home page: Call (800) 622-4289 or e-mail with questions.
Natural Water Play from Adventurous Child
Create an instant creek using our natural wood Water Log Trough and natural Rock Water Fountain, by simply connecting a garden hose to each one. Using the Rock Water Fountain children can press their hands against one hole and watch as water shoots higher out of the uncovered holes, then place their hands over two holes and watch the water shoot higher yet, observing the cause and effect of their actions. The three Water Log Troughs are a natural creek that can be used year-round as young scientists observe and explore the physical properties of water, snow, ice, and other sensorial items. The Log Trough can also be used without water to demonstrate and observe the force of gravity. Children can collect objects found in nature and roll them down the chute. Available from Adventurous Child; to learn more
Play Dresser from Community Playthings

Here's to all your little organizers! The dramatic play corner will practically keep itself tidy with the new child-sized play dresser from Community Playthings. Three drawers with multiple compartments provide plenty of storage space and endless options for play. Solid maple, detailed panels, and smooth edges provide little housekeepers with a dresser "just like home!" Call for pricing, or visit our website for further details: (800) 777-4244 -

July/August 2014 Issue #218

Infection Control in the Child Care Center and Preschool from Demos Medical Publishing

This book provides caregivers with an up-to-date, easy to read reference on infections and infection control for children in child care and preschool. The book covers both common and unusual infections and illnesses prevalent in this population, and offers practical guidance on issues of contagion, treatment, and transmission in this setting. Chapters discuss entrance requirements for children, for staff, and focus on common outbreaks and ways to prevent further spread. Chapters also address special considerations for children who are at high risk of acquiring infection, or at risk of spreading infection in the early care arena. The authors are infectious disease specialists who have spent their careers working in the areas they have written about, and they offer specific and easy to understand recommendations on how to deal with endemic problems of infection and transmission in this high-risk setting. The 8th edition is completely updated and includes new vaccines, new therapies, and a totally new chapter on Molluscum Contagiosum. This indispensable handbook continues to be an easy to read reference and the go-to source for best practices for treating and preventing the spread of infection in children in early care and preschool. dp/1936287641
Integrated Formative Assessment from PreschoolFirst

PreschoolFirst is a researchbased, online assessment system designed to build program quality in a variety of settings. PreschoolFirst connects developmental progress with educational decision-making, using assessment information to offer play-based learning experiences - for children from birth through 5 percent - appropriate to both class and individual child needs. PreschoolFirst's targeted reporting features provide teachers, families, and administrators with a common understanding of every child's progress, so that each can be actively involved in supporting that child's growth and development. For more information:
Cot Cart from Community Playthings
Have you ever noticed that the cot you need is always at the bottom of the stack? Now, with the new Cot Cart from Community Playthings, there is no bottom of the stack: the cot you need slides in or out easily. Why did no one think of this before? For more information: (800) 777-4244 -
Let's Talk About Math by Brookes Publishing

Let's Talk About Math from Brookes Publishing The LittleCounters Approach to Building Early Math Skills Weave counting and other math concepts into everyday activities! Based off of the authorsÕ LittleCounters workshops, Let's Talk About Math shows early educators, caregivers, and parents how to use purposeful play with children from birth to 5 to promote mathematical thinking in ordinary routines such as meals, bedtime, and even chores. With many examples, vignettes, sample activities, scripts of adult-child dialogue, and counting books and songs, readers will learn how play can be transformed into robust math learning opportunities. Promote early math skills and school readiness to help every child shine in kindergarten and beyond! Available from Brookes Publishing; learn more at

May/June 2014 Issue #217

Nature Preserve from Kohburg

The newly designed Nature Preserve sofa and arm chair brings sustainable furniture into your classroom. World's first bio-based (soybean) foam made in the USA, uses 60% less nonrenewable energy than the conventional petroleum based foams. This also reduces overall carbon footprint and teaches children about environment sustainability. The frame is made by FSC certified wood from sustainable forest. Nano treated sofa cover is dirt and juice resistant, can easily be unzipped and cleaned in the laundry. Please call (888) 718-8880, visit, or email for more info.
Storage Dresser from Community Playthings

Now storage can be beautiful as well as functional! Community Playthings is offering an elegant new Storage Dresser to complement the beauty of your center, contributing to a cozy, home-like look. With spacious drawers for storage of diapers, blankets, and other bulk items, the dresser also features soft-closing drawers to protect little fingers, and solid Community Playthings craftsmanship. Visit or call (800) 777-4244 for details.
WatchMeGrow provides fast and secure, highquality streaming video so that parents can feel connected and watch their children flourish while in child care. WatchMeGrow has a network of trusted, local installers that put cameras in center classrooms, playgrounds, and other common areas. Using their proprietary software and bank-level security, the video is streamed live. Parents use secure, individual usernames and passwords that give them access to video of the spaces where their children are. Parents view their children from any computer or using the mobile app. WatchMeGrow provides the highest level of customer support to centers and also directly to the families they serve. Families across the country say that WatchMeGrow is a big reason they chose their child care center. Child care center owners that use WatchMeGrow report enrolling three to four new families each month. Every WatchMeGrow center receives free marketing support with brochures and center display materials to help market this key feature. WatchMeGrow is America's leading provider of streaming video for child care centers and has been serving the industry since 1996. Call or click for information or a live demo.
Tell-A-Story Dress-Up Trunk by Lakeshore

Dress-up costumes bring childhood fables to life! Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this 11-piece set creates endless role-play options! Two machinewashable, slip-on costumes fit easily over clothes, secure with hook & loop fastener, and are built to last. Set also includes an easy-fit stretch cap, plush masks, fuzzy "bear ears" and a basket. Fits ages 3 to 5 years. For more information, visit:

March/April 2014 Issue #216

Sidekick from Jonti-Craft

Take control of your classroom with comfort, style, and functionality. Great for literacy and circle time, the SideKick puts you, the project or books at just the right level for curious minds. The espresso-colored cushion provides exceptional comfort and adds style while book slots and open storage provide a place for books, papers, puppets, and more. The easily detachable Write-n-Wipe board accents daily lessons, while four swivel casters provide easy mobility. Like all Jonti-Craft products, the SideKick is designed with children's needs in mind. It is made with KYDZStrong Construction, KYDZSafe Edges and KYDZTuff finish, ensuring safety and durability. We have added a lifetime warranty to this new product to prove it will withstand the rigors of everyday use. To learn more about this new product and other great products, please call (800) 543-4149, visit, or email
Early Intervention Every Day! Embedding Activities in Daily Routines for Young Children and Their Families from Brookes Publishing

Help parents and caregivers take a consistent, active role in supporting young children's development! Targeting 80 skills in 6 key developmental domains for children birth to three, this reader-friendly guide is filled with dozens of ready-touse ideas for helping families embed learning opportunities in their everyday routines. Turn to this book again and again for strategies and activities that enhance child development, strengthen attachment, and help children with developmental delays participate fully in family life. Transform everyday materials and routines into powerful new learning opportunities with Early Intervention Every Day! Available from Brookes Publishing:
Outlast Tables from Community Playthings
The all new Outlast Tables and Seating for the outdoors are now available from Community Playthings. Made from non-toxic acetylated wood, these child-sized tables and benches wonÕt rot, warp, or split in any weather. Tables come in two sizes and three heights, providing the perfect work surface for outdoor learning. Matching benches come separately for more versatility than traditional picnic tables afford. Call (800) 777-4244 or visit for details.
PSE-2040I Activity Table from Monsam

MONSAM Enterprises is pleased to introduce its new model PSE-2040I Activity Table with Portable Sink. This model gives teachers the convenience to work with 5 students at the same time. Students can learn art, science, and a variety of fun-filled activities without having to leave the table to wash their hands. It is designed at 30 inches high to fit the childrenÕs needs, as well as the teacherÕs strategies. This wonderful design can be used inside or outside. It comes in a variety of colors and provides hot/cold running water. It is not only compact enough to have more than one in a classroom, but is also foldable so that it can be moved from one room to another with absolute ease. To view a list of our products, please check our website