The Reimagining Our Work (ROW) Initiative

The ROW Initiative is not a book club. It is study for action. We envision that questions and longings will give rise to change-making action. The work of the ROW Initiative is not simply to read a book together, but to move the reimagining process forward, and create necessary change in the early learning landscape.

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A Charter for Reimaginging Our Work

These principles guide us as we work towards transformation, not remediation or repair. We commit to move beyond a “fix-it” mentality, and to act boldly to reimagine our work. ¡El momento ha llegado!

  • Principle 1: Embrace our humanity
  • Principle 2: Invite diverse voices and ways of thinking
  • Principle 3: Center our work on social justice
  • Principle 4: Believe in educators

A Charter for Reimagining Our Work (English PDF)
Una Carta Para Reinventar Nuestro Trabajo (Spanish PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – and Our Best, Current Answers (English)
Preguntas frecuentes y nuestras mejores respuestas actuales (Spanish)

Convening Members

The Conveners of the Reimagining Our Work (ROW) Initiavtive:

Ann Pelo,
Guide, Author
Luz Casio,
Center Director,
Bilingual ECE Program, Instructor, Author
Margie Carter,
Raynice Jean-Sigur,
College Professor (GA)

Kristie Norwood,
Head Start/Early
Head Start Education Manager
Chris Whitmire,
Director of ECE Programs (MI)
Pam Boulton,
Leadership Instructor;
Coordinator, Exchange Leadership
Cecilia Scott-Croff,
Campus Child