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20 Ways to Encourage Children's Resourcefulness and Creativity

by Karen Stephens
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Resourcefulness,the ability to meet challenges in a variety of ways, is a by-product of creative intelligence. As children develop resourcefulness, they learn to trust their instincts and unique abilities. They acquire a positive attitude toward problem solving. Resourceful children mature into confident and industrious people. Just as important, they tap into the multitude of joys life has to offer. The capacity to be resourceful stems from our miraculous brain, but not just any brain. No, creativity can only be harvested from a well-nourished brain. It requires a partnership between genetic inheritance and responsive adults willing to nurture and stimulate. With the right greenhouse conditions, creativity flowers to its natural conclusion expression of the human spirit! If we raise children brave enough to be creative, we bestow a gift money can't buy. So apply the following tips and seed your child's imagination. Enjoy the bloom, and may the harvest be unending.

Tips for Encouraging Creativity

Encourage curiosity and seeking answers. One of the best ways parents can respond to a child's questions is by saying, "I don't know.How could we find the answer?"

Don't stifle and numb creativity with too many manufactured toys. Resistbuying kids every accessory marketed with the latest movie ...