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2016 Conferences

July 14 - 16, 2016
Training of Trainers
Sponsored by Active Parenting Publishers
Atlanta, GA, United States
Phone: 800-825-0060 ext 120
Web Site:
Active Parenting's annual Training of Trainers (TOT) is a mixture of fun and learning. Three days of vigorous training with parenting education expert Dr. Michael Popkin will help you expand your professional skills while learning to train new parenting educators for your organization and community. The Training of Trainers workshop will show you how to: • Train parenting education program leaders • Conduct Active Parenting Leader Training Workshops • Improve presentation skills • Gain a deeper knowledge of the programs • Find ways to make the programs fit the audience • Exchange ideas with other professionals • Receive 2.0 CEUs or 20 contact hours from NBCC
July 14 - 17, 2016
AnjiPlay Summer Institute
Sponsored by WestEd and AnjiPlay World
United States
Phone: 917 415-1020
Web Site:
AnjiPlay is a powerful, innovative, play-based curricular approach developed over the past 15 years by Ms. Cheng Xueqin, Director of Early Childhood Education for Anji County, China. The approach focuses on the use of natural materials, loose parts, extended outdoor play, and highly sophisticated observation and reflection practices for teachers, children and parents. It is currently in use full time in 130 schools serving 14,000 kids ages 3-6 across Anji County. Ms. Cheng, in collaboration with her 700 educators, 1000’s of families, and local government and community leaders, has developed a complete pedagogical system of uniquely designed materials, environments, and practices that is impacting early education policy and practice across China. The 2016 AnjiPlay Summer Institute will provide educators in the US with the first opportunity to work directly with Ms. Cheng to engage in in-depth exploration of the core values and rich practices of the AnjiPlay approach. The three-day Summer Institute will be led by program founder Ms. Cheng, joined by Drs. Chelsea Bailey, Peter Mangione and Julie Nicholson of WestEd, who have all worked closely with Ms. Cheng in the United States and China. Participants in the three-day Summer Institute will receive a certificate of completion issued by WestEd indicating 18 professional growth hours.
July 21 - 23, 2016
Child Care Business Success Conference
Sponsored by Julie Bartkus Child Care Business Success
Chicago, IL, United States
Phone: 800.211.5671
Web Site:
Here at Child Care Business Success we are dedicated to helping you create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Business. Our mission is to help you take care of your baby – your child care business – so you can bring your BIG, BOLD, DREAMY vision of growing and empowering the future of our world to life. We understand your challenges and created the Child Care Business Success Conference to help you overcome them so you can stand out in your community as “the child care program” of choice. Every year we invite Child Care Owners and Directors to come and invest 3 transformational days with our Founder, Julie Bartkus, as she helps you get to the HEART of what specifically you need to get more of or differently to grow your child care business in record time. Julie is an internationally-known child care business success mentor, and not only the Founder of Child Care Business Success, but also the Founder of a ground-breaking mentorship program for child care owners called Child Care Program of Excellence. Attend this conference and discover how to get the results that Julie's clients get - - Grow Your Child Care Business by as much as 33% in 60 Days! Cultivate a Positive Workplace in as Little as 60 Days! Secure as many as 15 new Enrollments in One Day! Eliminate Julie’s top 5 Profits Killers so you can keep more of what you make! See you in Chicago!