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Violent Media Promotes Rudeness

"What makes you happy makes you rich." —Russian proverb


While previous studies have found a correlation between exposure to violent media and physically aggressive behavior, a new study has found that children who are exposed to violent media treat other kids with rudeness and mean behavior. The study found that the rude and crude behavior in movies and on television is mirrored in the way children who are heavy viewers of violent media treat one another. In addition, children who prefer violent entertainment tend to be more suspicious of others. Study co-author David Walsh, Ph.D. observed:

"Whoever tells the stories defines the culture. This study shows that the class bullies may be getting their lessons from the screen. If we think Sesame Street taught our 4-year-olds something, we better believe WWE Smack Down is teaching our 11-year-olds something."

For details on this study, go to the web site of the conference sponsor, the National Institute on Media and the Family,

For the past two years, the topic of violence has been one of the themes of the 2001 World Forum in Athens and the 2002 World Forum in New Zealand. To review the text of presentations on violence at these events, check out the "Past Presentations" portion of the World Forum section of

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