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Shared Values

Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is.
William James

In her book, Learning to Lead:  Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children, Exchange's Director of Community Development, Debra Sullivan, conveys these thoughts about shared values:

"A new perspective on values has emerged in recent years, focusing on the leader's relationship with followers.  More and more, the literature on leadership is looking at the concept of shared values rather than solely focusing on the leader's values.  Shared values are the beliefs and ideals that are held in common by the individual and the group.  Shared values are the means by which a group of people will achieve their goals and their mission.  For leaders, sharing values means that no one person's values take priority, not even the leader's.  The workplace will reflect primarily the top two or three values that all of you agree to.

"Values such as openness, caring, empowerment, listening, understanding, acceptance, and empathy are indicative of leaders who work in harmony with the needs and desires of other group members.  Shared values change groups and organizations by...

Two Options: Art of Leadership

Exchange's all-time bestseller, The Art of Leadership: Managing Early Childhood Organizations, serves as an invaluable guidebook for early childhood managers and textbook for early childhood instructors.  The comprehensive guide, now available in both a print version and a CD version, includes contributions from the leading experts in the field on the following management areas...

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