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Building the Bounce

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Karen Cairone, who is the moderator for Exchange's video training resource, Addressing Challenging Behaviors, talked about helping children become resilient in her EDC blog post, "Why the World Needs Resilient Kids and How to Build Their Bounce".  In the post she outlined 10 effective strategies teachers can use every day to "help build children's bounce":

  1. Model resilience...  Children need to see adults in their world using healthy coping behaviors.
  2. Foster healthy relationships skills...  If there is no trust, there can be no growth.
  3. Teach self-awareness...  Children need to be more aware of how their own actions affect others.
  4. Focus on feelings...  There is a feeling behind almost every behavior.
  5. Lead with strengths...  A child who has many chances to use her strengths has more chances to develop confidence and healthy self-esteem.
  6. Provide healthy outlets...  Have some spaces for children to retreat to for alone time.
  7. Focus on consistency...  When we provide a consistent approach to routines and transitions, we are helping the child feel comfortable.
  8. Foster self-regulation.
  9. Connect with children's families.
  10. Be available...  More than anything else, let a child know you are available when he needs you.

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