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Facing the Future with Courage

Sometimes we need a bridge and sometimes we are the bridge. No one I know has escaped troubled waters, rough seas and challenging, scary days. There are times in our lives when we could use a little help, and other times when we are given the chance to be that help for someone else. It really doesn’t matter where you are right now. What matters is that you remember we are stronger together, and taking a hand is just as important as offering one.
Paul Boynton, Author of Begin with Yes

Dear Exchange Community,

We just don’t know what our world will be like from month-to-month lately, do we? In an Exchange Essentials article collection called “Courageous Leadership,” Judy Jablon writes about the five commitments of optimistic leaders that can keep us focused on the positive. One of these is “Activate curiosity to find connections and continue learning.”

Here’s a message from the leaders of the World Forum Foundation on Early Care and Education that provides a new opportunity to make connections:

"We have some big news to share with you! To accommodate as many people as possible from the World Forum community in 2022, we are shifting our plans to a new location. The World Forum will now be held in Orlando, Florida on May 16-19, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. The 2022 World Forum will be a hybrid model that allows for both in-person and virtual participants and presenters.
We are excited that we will still be able to gather in Vancouver in the near future (April 16-19, 2024).

Gathering as an international community is more important than ever as we strive to support young children across the world during this unprecedented time. We are excited for this opportunity to convene a global gathering of early childhood advocates who are jointly committed to facing the unique challenges of our time.

Special Promotion: Anyone who registers for the World Forum by August 31, 2021 will be entered in a drawing to receive a second registration for FREE, so register TODAY for the 2022 World Forum on Early Care and Education!"

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