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Misinformation is Hurting Our Children

Years ago, Mum went to a primary school that borders the park – for nature walks, right here…She remembers collecting oak and sycamore leaves, pines cones, conkers. All the children would lay their finds on a nature table – I wonder how many schools have a nature table these days. I know mine doesn’t.
Dara McAnulty, in his book, Diary of a Young Naturalist

A new article by early childhood education consultant and author Rae Pica is called "How Misinformation is Hurting Our Children." She writes that "there are myths wreaking havoc on childhood and early education...I want the facts – and child development – to dictate how children are raised and educated."  She outlines what she sees as the four biggest myths currently circulating throughout society:

"Myth 1. Earlier is better

Myth 2. Children learn by sitting
Myth 3. Digital devices are necessary for learning
Myth 4: Play is a waste of time"

In his book, Adventures in Risky PlayRusty Keeler also tries to dispel some of the misunderstandings about children and play. He writes: "I understand that in a modern world full of pressures and constraints on children’s time in and out of school, something as obvious as play needs some scientific support and lobbying…play has been limited, sidelined, sublimated, and even decimated for way too many children in our busy, high-achieving, over-stimulated, over-scheduled, over-protected, overly biased, overly adult-oriented view of what children should be doing, accomplishing, competing and completing." He goes on to provide "scientific support for play," beginning with a list of play benefits from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Here are a couple:


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