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Climate Change: A Bad Thing?

by Jill Bella and Paula Jorde Bloom
May/June 2016
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Article Link: http://www.childcareexchange.com/article/climate-change-a-bad-thing/5022996/

The headlines forecasting dire consequences from climate change are indeed ominous — rising sea levels, erratic weather patterns, and crop devastation from too little rain. By now we’re well-informed about the negative ramifications of global warming. Yet, in some cases climate change can be a good thing. In early care and education settings where conditions are stormy and unpredictable, climate change could definitely be a good thing. Even in programs where the conditions are generally sunny and the work climate friendly and predictable, understanding what factors contribute to those positive conditions is important. This article looks at the dimensions of organizational climate and describes how data from climate assessment can be used to improve the quality of work life in early childhood programs.


What is Organizational Climate?


Over the years we’ve had the privilege of visiting hundreds of early childhood programs and have seen firsthand the subtle differences that distinguish one setting from another. This uniqueness reflects the collective competence of staff as well as the attitudes, beliefs, and values that shape their behavior. No two programs are alike because people’s perceptions and expectations of their workplace environment differ and are influenced by their previous work experiences and ...

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