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Learn From Everything (And Other Strategies for Courageous Leadership)

by Rachel Robertson
July/August 2020
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In the best of times, the question “What does courageous leadership mean to you?” is a tough one to tackle. It seems a little vague and lofty. But in the worst of times, when typical worries become trivial and day-to-day decisions have much more at stake, it is all that matters. In the past months, across this field, I have been fortunate and grateful to witness so many acts of courageous leadership. This is what it has looked like to me.

Courage is being a leader. When you are in a leadership role, others look to you to lead. Obviously, right? Of course they do. But there is a difference between holding a leadership role and being a leader. Leaders are everywhere, no matter their title. Being a courageous leader requires you to bravely face the grave reality, to marshal all of your resources, and willingly step forward into the unknown so you can do the hard things, go first, and be there to support, coach, empower and cheer on your team each step of the way.

Courage is fiercely holding on to hope, resilience and gratitude. During a crisis, especially one lived in a 24-hour news cycle, it is hard not to ...

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