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Listen, in Order to Lead

by Raynice Jean-Sigur
July/August 2020
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As a new professional, I had a certain vision of courageous leadership. I saw a courageous leader as a person who had a substantial amount of experience, coupled with a strict dominant presence and infinite amounts of wisdom. Based on these preconceived criteria alone, I could never imagine myself filling this kind of role. At first, thoughts of doubt filled my head. What did I know? What could I bring to the table? What could I do? It was not until I continued on in my profession that I finally came to an epiphany. I had been so focused on the leadership aspect of being a courageous leader, that I forgot the most important part. I forgot about courage. In order to be a courageous leader, one does not need infinite wisdom nor a strict dominant presence. All one needs is the courage to believe in themselves so confidently that the events of an unstable environment or a clouded pathway could not jar that person’s ambitions. Along with this finding, I came to another epiphany.

Everyone has the potential to become a courageous leader. 

Leadership may be an intimidating word to some, because of its reputation of guidance and ...

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