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Supporting Two Generations Together

by Emmalie Dropkin
March/April 2015
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This March the federal Department of Health and Human Services is distributing $500 million to expand quality early learning opportunities for infants and toddlers through expansion of the Early Head Start program and creation of Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships. These new investments represent an important recognition by Congress and the Obama Administration that early experiences matter, especially for the most at-risk children. As a result, this year an estimated 30,000 children and their families will be able to participate in the Early Head Start model of early childhood care and education; comprehensive health, dental, and mental health care services; and parent support in setting and meeting goals for family stability.

While Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnerships have been in place for nearly 20 years, these new funds have given communities an incentive to deepen relationships between Early Head Start and child care providers " whether center-based or family child care homes " and have opened a window for many outside of Head Start to glimpse the depths and power of a two-generation program. One outstanding partnership that highlights the power of organizations with a shared mission working together to support children and parents simultaneously is the EHS-CC Partnership between Pacific ...

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