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The Pop-up Atelier

by Carole Williamson, with the mentorship of Brigid McGinn
May/June 2017
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A challenge for instructors of pre-service teachers is to expose their students to a wide variety of strategies, methods, and techniques that will ultimately inform the students’ own teaching philosophy. In an era when assessment seems to consume all levels of education, focusing on best practices in early childhood education remains the critical component of an excellent teacher preparation program. Providing rich, experiential learning has the ability to not only impact future teachers, but all the children who will be in their care. The creation of a Reggio Emilia inspired “Pop-Up Atelier” was one such project that allowed our college students to take ownership of their own learning by researching and developing a project that would be a wonderful addition to the College Child Development Center, as well as a blueprint for those working in early care and education to use with their own children.

The Pop-Up Atelier Project has its roots in a field trip taken in April 2015 to the Wonders of Learning exhibit entitled “Encounters with Reggio Emilia” in Williamsburg, New York. Students in our Early Childhood Program are familiar with the Reggio philosophy, yet they were still awestruck as they walked through the exhibit and talked with Brigid ...

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