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Understanding and Managing 'The Generations'

by Linda Crisalli
May/June 2018
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Recruiting and retaining great teachers and support staff can be challenging under the best of circumstances. Many directors are finding themselves casting wider recruitment nets than in the past to fill positions. This often results in faculties that are marvelously rich with all kinds of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, faith, languages spoken at home, and so much more. It also includes a wider age range.

These days it is not unusual for a child care program to have employees who are as young as their late teens to as old as their late 70s. This represents four different generations. While it is never a good idea to make sweeping assumptions about any given individual, it is nonetheless useful for directors to be aware of some general tendencies for people from different generations.

A generation is defined as a group of people born around the same time and raised around the same place. People who are part of the same generation tend to exhibit similar attitudes, values, behaviors, expectations, work styles, and motivations. This is largely based on their personal histories and life experiences, world events, economics, and advances in technology while they were growing up. This makes a lot ...

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