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What Psychology Teaches Us About Rebuilding Teams

by Rachel Robertson
September/October 2020
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Team-building has always been a favorite topic in the field of early childhood education. We know we need to be an effective team to do our best work. We expand each other’s expertise through collaboration, enrich our community by sharing our experiences and perspectives, and bolster each other’s resilience so we can give so much of ourselves each day. And, we’ll admit it, it is often a whole lot of fun; it is a professional priority to enjoy our work and team!

With most early education programs shut down for months, the importance of team connection was crystal clear. Creativity and technology were essential—and not always easy to come by—but the tenacious character of early education leaders served teams well and they found a way.

Now, as states have begun to re-open, many of us have, too. And a new challenge awaits us: the task at hand is not just run-of-the-mill team-building, it is team rebuilding. 

At first glance, this does not seem to be much different. Teams coming back together missed the children, families, and each other. They are eager to do what they love most. While apprehensive about the unknown and anxious about fulfilling all of the new safety requirements, many ...

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